Stand up for
Mother Earth

Meet your sustainable and plastic-free bag. It ships free!

100% good
100% sustainable

Your local environmentalist

We’re on a mission to eradicate single-use plastic! Our lives have been ruled by plastic for way too long and we’re here to start some new habits!

Trust us, it’s a journey but we’re here for you.

Discover STOHR

Earth friendly,
human safe

Food-grade silicone

Plastic + BPA free

FDA + LFGB certified

Microwave safe

Dishwasher safe

Freezer safe

Your everyday hero

Virtually indestructible, they’ll stand the test of time and you’ll be saving both the planet and $$$ in the long run. No better way to move away from single-use plastic!

Let's get started

Let's be done with disposable culture
Sustainability should be mainstream

Literally limitless

It stands up and stays open for easy access. How convenient! Use it to store anything, anywhere. We’ve gone ahead to test it out for you, in all scenarios. We’ve done the salad lunch dash, the leftover supper, the overnight kit and of course the take-it-everywhere gummy bears.


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