Our story

We’re your local environmentalist on a mission to stand up for Mother Earth! Trust us, it’s a journey but we’re here for you.

Eradicating plastic waste might seem like a lofty goal to some, but we’re here to support you. If we don’t start making a change for our generation and beyond, there will be no Earth left. Up to 80 percent of ocean plastic pollution enters the ocean from land and 100,000 marine animals are killed by plastic bags annually. Should we list more alarming stats?

Our solution is as simple as a shift in mindset, with a product at an accessible and fair price point. While switching to reusables is a great first step, it won’t come naturally to most and there’s no shame in that. Our lives have been ruled by plastic for way too long and we’re here to start some new habits!

Make the change and reaching for your Stohr will become a part of your daily routine. You can count on that.

Since you’re here, we would so appreciate it if you would share the world of Stohr with your friends and family. We can only do this together, and your support whether via a purchase or spreading the word is so valuable and will allow us to get one step closer to saving Mother Earth. We appreciate you!

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